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Nik Huber Flying Dolphin #12 Warrior Guitars Kings Closet "Angel #9" Scott Walker Guitars Walker Special Natural Proto #3 Ribbecke 35th Anniversary Benedetto Cremona 18" Archtop Honey Blonde #2

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Product of the Week

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Knaggs Guitars Chesapeake Electric Severn Tier 1 Golden Natural #1

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Frank Hartung Les Paul Special #1

Artistic Guitars  specializes in Sourcing the Best Guitars

from the Best Builders using the Best Woods

Product of the Week

Product of the Week

Incoming / In Design

We now have NEW LOWER PRICING on all models.   We  have delivered more top Knaggs, Nik Huber and Tom Ribbecke guitars than any dealer.   

I like to call what I do best - “A Guitar Architect”.  Working in conjunction with my esteemed luthier artisans, I help create value thru designing Guitars with long-standing beauty, sonic quality, and playability.  I have an eye for exotic woods, color combinations, pickups and electronics, and neck specifics (radiuses and contours, fret types and height / width specs) that help achieve dream guitars to delight my customers.
Knaggs Sheyenne  #15
Tier 2, Ocean Blue
East Indian Rosewood  fingerboard,  
Duncan Seth Lover  pickups
Brand New
Knaggs Guitars Influence Electric Sheyenne Tier 2 Ocean Blue #15
Knaggs Choptank  #25
Tier 1, Natural
Brazilian Rosewood  fingerboard,  
Fralin Blues Special  pickups
Brand New
Knaggs Guitars Chesapeake Electric Choptank Tier 1 Golden Natural #25
Knaggs Keya  #60
Tier 1, Ocean Blue Quilt
Ebony  fingerboard and headstock,  
Fralin Pure PAF  pickups
Brand New
Knaggs Guitars Influence Electric Keya Tier 1 Ocean Blue #60
Nik Huber Redwood Burl NAMM Dolphin
Sterling Silver Dolphin Inlays and Nik’s Signature
Macassar fingerboard, and all Trim  
Haussel pickups
Brand New
Nik Huber Redwood Dolphin
I have also added a number of super special instruments that I am making available to my customers located at the bottom.  These are from Gary’s Vault and were among my personal guitars.  Please send me a note if you might have interest.  Limited Time Only…
Please checkout the Incoming / In Design stream above, where there are some incredible new instruments coming.  I also have access to some amazing Brazilian Rosewood, and wood from “The Tree” that would make some outstanding instruments.  If you have an interest in discussing how Artistic Guitars can help make your Dream Guitar, give me a call.
1997 Martin 00-45
Limited Edition Stauffer 00-45 Commemorative
S/N #2 of 25
Exceptional Brazilian Rosewood
Amazing “45”  Trim
Mint Condition
Martin 00-45
Knaggs Patuxent #2
Exceptional Adirondack Red Spruce Top
Brazilian Rosewood S/B, Maple bound Fingerboard, Headstock,  
Aged Natural
Brand New
Knaggs Guitars Chesapeake Acoustic Patuxent Tier 1 Aged Natural #2
Nik Huber Flying Dolphin #12
Last One in Series Available Anywhere
1-Piece Quilted Maple finished in Double Stained Atlantic Blue
Brazilian Rosewood Neck
and all Trim,
Haussel Pickups
Brand New
Nik Huber Flying Dolphin #12
Nik Huber Reitbergen
Exceptional Tiger Eye West Coast Curly Maple Top
Sterling Silver Celtic Inlays & Signature
Macassar Fingerboard, Headstock, and all  Trim,
Haussel pickups
Brand New
Nik Huber Reitbergen NAMM 2014
Ribbecke 35th Anniversary
The “Italian”
Only 35th Anniversary Guitar Made

Ribbecke 35th Anniversary
PRS PS  #614
The “Americana”
Calendar Guitar
First PRS Archtop

PRS Private Stock Archtop #614
PRS PS  #851
Santana II
BRW Rosewood  fingerboard and headstock,  

As  New
PRS Santana II Private Stock #851
Gibson Citation
Gibson Citation Natural