Triggs Guitars
1998 Triggs New Yorker - 18” Deluxe - Dallas Show Guitar
This is a wonderful Honey Blonde Triggs New Yorker 18" archtop made for the 1998 Dallas Guitar Show.  As the head of the Gibson Custom Shop in the early 90's Jim was responsible for the construction of over 400 hundred archtops, before making instruments under his own name.  As one of the exalted "Blue Guitar Luthiers" Jim made a Super 400 for that commission.  This extremely flamey Triggs New Yorker 18" consists of a closely grained Engelmann spruce top with big leaf maple sides and back.  The tailpiece, headstock, and pickguard are exemplary.  Sound is clear and powerful with excellent highs and lows compared to 17" archtops such as an L5.  A wonderful guitar to play with nice bass, and clear high-end.  This one has a beefy neck and is more comfortable to hold and play compared to a Gibson Super 400.  Includes original HSC.