Mesa Boogie - Mark IV with 1x12 Thiele - EVM-12l’s
The Ultimate Stack
There is nothing like a Mesa Boogie Combo with an Electrovoice EVM-12L speaker or 2, or 3 or 4.  As impressive as the Mark IIC+ is, still my favorite amplifier, the Mark IV provides a degree of flexibility and sonic versatility that is exceptional.  3 channels with independent control over nearly everything, the Mark IV is quite a package.  This one, with the AAAA Western Flamed cabinet and wicker grille is quite a looker too.  
Coupling that up with a Thiele 1x12 cabinet now offers an exceptional smooth and clear bottom.  I had always been desiring one machine - to do rock / blues / jazz for solid bodies (from strat to Les Paul), as well as semi-hollowbodies and archtops.  Well the amplification system of the Mark IV coupled with one open back cab, and a closed back ported Thiele designed cab allows it all.  Of course you’d expect it to be good for rock / blues.  But with the archtops with the Thiele acting alone, you get a sound as smooth as a baby’s ...
A great combo indeed - Any Mark combo with a Thiele, both with EVMs....NICE !