Knaggs Guitars - Creation Series #2
“The Monument Valley”
Joe has received widespread acclaim for his work in building the Private Stock Program at PRS Guitars.   Many of the most sought after electric guitars ever produced were under his watch while at PRS.  Joe has moved beyond PRS with the Knaggs designs, quality, playability, and sound.  Joe will build some of the most incredible guitars ever made and spec them himself thru the Creation Series.  Each instrument will come with a certificate of Authenticity.
Introduced at NAMM 2014, the Creation Series, led off with Creation #1 - “The Black Pearl Severn”.  Creation #2, - “The Monument Valley” is also a spectacular Severn.  The Theme for “The Monument Valley” was that Joe had just moved to  Flagstaff, Arizona, he entered Arizona through the Northeast corner of the state and drove through the amazing area of the Monument Valley.  It was sunset and the impression of the spectacular view burned an impression into his mind for life.  Given that Artistic Guitars is in Arizona, it seemed like a perfect concept.  Joe also imcorporated the Indian themes throughout the instrument - using turqouise in the logo, adding a custom morning star in the pickguard, as well as giving the beautiful Koa pickguard a turqouise and black border.  The instrument has an incredible quilt top finished in luscious Burgundy/Copper.
This guitar has an amazing black Brazilian rosewood neck, fingerboard, and headstock overlay.   The body is an “incredible big leaf, quilted maple top” with a 1-piece alder back.  Characteristic of the Creation Series Severn instruments, the fingerboard and headstock have curly maple binding.  It is a great playing and great sounding instrument with great clarity, tonal separation, and byte from the Dave Allen “True 62” pickups.
Joe is really proud of how the Severn's play and sound.  With this one, Joe’s comment was "It is really killer… A work of art actually...I am extremely proud of the way this instrument came together!"
The first 5 Creations have only been available thru Artistic Guitars.