Knaggs Guitars - Sheyenne  
Tier 2 Carved Top and Back Semi-Hollowbody - Serial #15
The Sheyenne is a ES335-style double cutaway carved top and back semi-hollowbody, three on a side, short scale guitar.  This is one of my favorite Knaggs models, no longer on the 2013 pricelist.  If you are a 335 fan, your are absolutely going to love the Sheyenne.  Sheyenne Serial #15, a tier 2 beauty, has an incredible curly top and back finished in Ocean Blue.  With the maple neck and East Indian Rosewood fingerboard, it plays great and has a nice feel.  It has a nice character unplugged, and is comfortable for a large guitar.  Then you plug it in...  the Duncun Seth Lover Pickups provide great balance and are downright angry when they're wide open but calm down a bit as you back 'em off.  The neck pick up has a TON of low end.. doesn't get muddy but it's very fat.  It sustains for days, nice controllable resonance even at higher volume, with balanced tone.  Some guitars have it - this one does.  We also have this one built with a single coil toggle switch, which gives a sweetened tone on the neck pickup.  Joe, John I. and the Knaggs guys were quite impressed with this one’s sound and playability.  #15 has Morning Star fingerboard and headstock inlays with Gold Hardware.  We have low serial numbers of several models including the Sheyenne. We’ve had 4 of these in, including #1 and #2.  This one is really good.  Please call for information and pricing.