Monteleone Guitars
The Orient Express  - 18”
This guitar was designed and created in conjunction with John Monteleone.  John has done several “Train Series” Guitars, which like his “Seasons” Series are commissioned works of art.  The “Orient Express” is #4 in the Train Series.  This spectacular 18”one-of-a-kind instrument has some similarity to the previous “Train Series” Guitars.  Each has it’s own color scheme and design but all of the Train models are different.  The appearance of The Orient Express is not of an art deco train.  John takes the elements of each particular train and incorporates them into the design.  The Orient Express Train was one of the most lavish, richly appointed Trains deployed and the Guitar will reflect that.  The Guitar will have exquisite woods and appointments and be finished reminiscent of the Royal Blue with Gold Crested trim found on the Train.  
Woods for the Orient Express are all Master Grade Unique pieces.  For the top, John used a piece of Sitka Spruce that he has had for a long time; Golden Sitka, not pink.  This particular top came out of far western Canada (Manitoba).  He has had this top for a long time, only had a few pieces, and was saving for a very special project like "The Orient Express".  John utilized a specially selected set of big leaf maple with handsome curl for the back and sides and include John’s side ports with interior inlay.   This set sounds really good, and is very resonant.
The fingerboard will utilize striped Macassar ebony.  The top of the headstock will have imagery / shaping reflective of a train headlight, like has been done on the other Train Series guitars.  MOP and stone lapis stones were used as some of the inlay materials based on how it looks against the ebony.  The inlay was put in after the woods were selected.  Special gold hardware was used.  The Head ornament is crested and in gold..
 I’m extremely proud to have had a little influence and impact on the creation of a lasting Treasure for a very special customer.