Artistic Guitars is proud to be an Authorized Dealer for Acoustic Image Amplifiers.  We are always searching out the Best Products, techniques, and materials that uniquely improve tone.  It makes no sense to spend $$$$ on high-end archtop guitars and not complement that investment with the very best amplification  solution available to be able to accurately hear it.  Acoustic Image delivers on that promise.  

They are THE sound for Jazz Guitar

Acoustic Image applies “musical thinking outside the box”.  They have taken a different approach to the technology of musical instrument amplification in order to improve the performance and portability of combo amps for the working musician.

There are three key differences that make their products unique:

1)  They custom design switching power amplifiers instead of using traditional linear   designs.

2)  They employ a downfiring low frequency driver in all of their their enclosures

3)  They use unique enclosure shapes and materials to improve portability and sonic      performance.

Each of these differences provides an improvement in the performance of their products. Here's how:

Their amplifier designs make use of “Class D” amplifier design technology.  This allows the amplifier to be smaller and more efficient than traditional linear “Class A or Class A/B” amps.  It weighs less because there are no large heat sinks or cooling fans and has a unique "warm" sound (unlike traditional solid state amps) because its output stage is radically different. The switching power supply eliminates large bulky power transformers with a resulting dramatic decrease in weight. Because they design their own amplifiers, they have a distinctly transparent sound, unlike that of any other instrument amplifier.

The downfiring woofer makes a small driver sound bigger and allows a smaller enclosure for a given driver size.  Omnidirectional output produces a more natural and more transparent sound… and means you are more easily heard on the stage.

With their unique enclosure shapes and materials, form follows function. A cylinder is an inherently stiffer shape which allows the walls to be thinner and lighter.  In fact, because they use acoustically inert polymer materials, their cabinets are the lightest in the industry but still eliminate resonances which can color the sound in competitors’ cabinets.