Knaggs Guitars - Severn  T3 #715
Tier 3 Relic
The Severn is a double cutaway, “Strat style” six on a side, long scale guitar.  
Joe’s favorite guitar that he played when he was younger was a ‘61 Strat.  Heavily used by Joe, it was worn in perfectly, and had a great vibe.  Joe makes so many flawless looking instruments with perfect woods and exemplary attention to finish detail.  I wanted to achieve a different goal with this instrument.  I asked Joe to make a Severn (many people’s favorite Knaggs model) as if it would have been made by him in 1959.  1959 was an amazing year and brought a lot of historic guitars.  From the 1959 Les Paul bursts, to the venerable ES-335, to the 1959 stratocaster with brazilian rosewood as the fingerboard choice so that Fender could compete with the rosewood products coming from Gibson.  That one year changed the guitar industry with lasting impact.  
This Severn, made in the style of Joe’s favorite stratocaster, has a perfectly relic’d triburst finish over a nicely figured alder 1-piece body.  The finish is superb, with just the right amount of relic and finish-checking to give it that worn in look.  This Severn also has Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard, a nicely aged curly maple pick guard, parchment and relic’d knobs, and nicely aged nickel hardware.  I also wanted Joe to age the back of the neck like a heavily played guitar, where the varnish is worn thru to the bare wood.  That gives the neck an incredible silky smooth and fast feel.  Fret wire is 48100 with radiused fingerboard edges that has incredible feel.  
This one will feel instantly like you have had it for years and years and it has been the one guitar that you always have in your hands…