For more than 25 years Joe Knaggs has been working with one of the most successful guitar manufacturers of our time – Paul Reed Smith Guitars.  As a Master builder, Director of R&D and PRS Private Stock, Joe was responsible for a number of the innovations, new model designs, and the phenomenal guitars coming from Private Stock.  With Knaggs Guitars, Joe will be bringing the exceptional quality mindset to market with a line of solid-bodies, acoustics, basses, and mandolins.  From short scale to  long scale, three-on-a-side to six-on-a-side head stocks, flat tops, solids, semi-hollow instruments, single coil to humbucking, there is a top notch model available.  

Artistic Guitqrs is honored to be the first US dealer for Knaggs Guitars.   Besides bringing to market many of the earliest Knaggs Guitars such as the 1st 3 Creation Series instruments (“The Black  Pearl”, “The Monument Valley”, “The Plymouth Rock”, Artistic Guitars brought to market the 1st 5 T1 Acoustics, Severn #1, Sheyenne #1, Keya #1, and many more #2s and #3s, some of which are still available thru Artistic Guitars.

Passion, Precision and Performance are the motto of Nik Huber Guitars and there could not be a more accurate description of this incredible luthier.  Nestled in Rodgau, Germany, Nik Huber guitars certainly epitomizes the investment-grade guitar.  Nik spends a lot of time and effort in finding the essential ingredients for his guitars: the woods he  uses to build them.  Nik hand-carves every neck, hand-radiuses every fretboard and hand-chisels the cutaway areas of his tops.  

Artistic Guitqrs has 4 outstanding new Nik Huber guitars in stock, including 1 of the remaining Flying Dolphins,  a Reitbergen NAMM show guitar, a stunning Redwood Dolphin II, and the 20th Anniversary Prototype for the Orca with the Dolphin coming later in 2017.  All are outstanding sounding, playing, and artistically rendered pieces.

Frank Hartung comes from the green heart of Germany .  Like the other luthiers we work with, he is an exceptional  luthier with passion.  A long time guitar builder, Frank has been an innovator.  He designs modern guitars with exciting shapes and logical lines - the Embrace, Enigma and Diavolo Designs. Exceptional tone wood is the major component of his instruments.  His exclusive FLOW CARVING design is absolutely unique in the world of guitars.  The contour lines run fluently into the surface and add a 3-dimensional effect to the overall appearance.  A Hartung guitar is very well done - an instrument that you will be very proud of.

Scott Walker Guitars has a storied history in acoustic guitar design while working with Santa Cruz Guitars as the “neck man”, amongst other contributions.  Now carving his own electrics, Scott brings a passionate interest in fine tonewoods, innovative finishes, top quality neck-thru-body construction, and electronics to bring unique instruments to life.