Mesa Boogie - Mark V 40th Anniversary Ltd. Sapele #20
The Encore...
What do you do after the Mark IIC+, the Mark IV - how about the Mark V ?  This Limited Edition Mark Five is #20 - THE LAST SAPELE MAPLE Mark V.  Only 75 Limited Edition Mark V’s were made, 20 Sapele’s and 55 French Walnuts.  The hardwood chosen for this exclusive series is Mesa Boogie’s finest “Precious Grade” Private Reserve, the rarest “best of the best”.  The care and workmanship is clearly outstanding - the finishing process alone requires more than one-week per cabinet.  Commemorating the 40th anniversary is the hand-jeweled inlay of paua abalone and mother-of-pearl which is further authenticated by a similar inlay that is numbered and individually hand signed by Randall Smith.
Of course this one was upgraded with an EVM-12L, get the repeating theme?  
The Mark V is an incredible amp - too early in my experience base to see if it will become the Holy Grail 2 - sequels are almost never better than the original.  
But the Mark V is really a collection of 9 amps, 3 channels with 3 modes per channel.  Channel 1, the lowest gain with a bright clean, warm fat and mid-puch tweed for slightly overdriven rhythm.  Channel 2, a whole amp in itself adds a thicker crunch mode with the fabled Mark 1 gain.  And last but certainly not least Channel 3.  Books could be written about the evolution of amplifier design in the circuits leading to Channel 3.  Channel 3 is the highest gain and addresses the lead sound of the Mark IIC+, the Mark IV, and the Mark IV’s super popular EXTREME setting.
The complexity of this amp, an instrument in itself is mind-boggling.  Only time will tell it’s place in the lore of amplification...