I have been in love with the guitar as an instrument since 1967.  Like many of  my friends, and customers, I grew up wearing out vinyl learning Clapton licks and the double leads of “The Allman Brothers”.
I pursued acoustics and electronic music thru the ever challenging field of Electrical Engineering, graduating with a BSEE from the University of Illinois, and subsequently a MSEE from Stanford University with emphasis in Digital Signal Processing and electronic circuit design.  
I had the privilege of working with some of the most brilliant minds and greatest leaders in modern industry at Intel Corporation, a privately funded venture backed startup, and Broadcom Corporation in a variety of Engineering and Executive roles.  From Andy Grove and Craig Barrett, to Ron Smith and Albert Yu I learned lessons that are applicable today benefiting my customers, my suppliers and business partners.  
I learned from Andy “Deliver Results”,  from Craig that “Customers Have Choices - Delight Them” , from Albert “Zero Defect Product Quality” and from Ron - Leadership, “The Devil is in the Details” and well - about everything else.  Thanks to all...
If you buy an instrument from Artistic Guitars, you will be “Delighted”.  All of the guitars that we have, are specified by us.  We don’t accept builder “standard product”.  We work with the builders to get the best tone woods, the best inlays, the right neck specs, the proper pickups - so that a guitar from Artistic Guitars represents the “BEST” that they can achieve.  As most builders do standard setups, we tweak and customize the setup including neck alignment, action, pickup height, so that your out-of-the-box experience is “Wow”.  There are very very few guitars that come in that are perfect, straight from even our impressive builder list.  
Together with the builders that Artistic Guitars works with, You will have your dream surpassed.  You will receive results...
It’s my promise in working for you.
I like to call what I do best - “A Guitar Architect”.  Working in conjunction with my esteemed luthier artisans, I help create value thru designing Guitars with long-standing beauty, sonic quality, and playability.  I have an eye for exotic woods, color combinations, pickups and electronics, and neck specifics (radiuses and contours, fret types and height / width specs) that help achieve dream guitars to delight my customers.