Todd Kraus

Fender Masterbuilder

with Gary at NAMM 2012

Nik Huber

With Flying Dolphin #6

Tom Ribbecke

Adjusting Gary’s Citation in 2006

Joe Knaggs

With Keya #3 in 2011

Nik Huber

With Dolphin Custom NAMM

Nik Huber

With Gary and the Reitbergen Proto

Martin Taylor

With Gary at NAMM 2011

Bob Benedetto

With Cremona 18” #2 and #1

Joe Knaggs & Peter Wolf

With Gary

Joe Knaggs

With Gary and Customer in 2011

Tom Ribbecke

With Gary in 2011

Linda Mantzer

With the “Duet” Ribbecke / Mantzer

Early Construction


With Martin D-18 Long Long ago


With “White River Junction”

Circa 1973

Scott Walker

With  Walker #1 in 2012

Scott Walker

With  Walker #2 in 2012

Jim Olson - Master Builder

With  Knaggs Potomac #1