THE Gibson Super 400 Extreme
One of finest Gibson Super 400's ever
List Price: $35,000 1999 Gibson Super 400A - One of the finest ever
This Guitar is quite simply - My Favorite Guitar.  Period, end of discussion.  Simply Perfect.  The close-grained Citka spruce top, the exquisite quilted back, the black pearl and abalony through-out, as well as the engraving are just starters.  Jim Hutchins hand-made the pickguard out of the same quilted maple back woodstock, with all of the purfling trimmings and a beautiful fleur-de-lis inlay to match the inlays in the bridge and etchings in the tuner buttons.  Big and bold, with bass to bite.  Exceptional player with the deep edge that fine Super 400's possess.  Nothing finer - ever as a Super 400.