Paul Reed Smith - 2007 Modern Eagle
My Favorite Player - BRW Playability and Killer Tone
This 2007 Modern Eagle 1 is a “Production Private Stock”  guitar.  Finished in “Tiger Eye” it has amazing flame.  The Modern Eagle is a true “players” guitar modeled after the guitars Paul Reed Smith uses for recording and live performances.  Paul feels that this instrument is the perfect guitar for those whose primary concern is tone and playability.  The exceptional tone woods used in this guitar include an East Coast maple top made from resonant flamed heartwood maple.  This type of maple has a unique visual character which is different from the tops normally used.  The back is made from South American mahogany and provides warm, rich midtones.  The Brazilian rosewood neck and fingerboard provides a level of sustain, clarity and articulation not available from other neck woods.  Brazilian also covers the headstock and truss rod cover.  The Brazilian rosewood in the headstock, neck, and fingerboard is nicely figured.   The rare solid Brazilian rosewood neck has a wide fat carve with incredible feel, and the PRS RP’s just sing beautifully.   The Modern Eagle 1 also uses a thinner ultra-thin nitro-cellulose satin finish that allows the wood to resonate freely leading to better tone.  An excellent playing and sounding guitar, this instrument functions as a great collectable sure to go appreciate in value, as well as an awesome player to enjoy.