Acoustic Image - Clarus 2 Series 4
Solid-state 600W Class D compact amplifier w/effects
Artistic Guitars is proud to be an Authorized Dealer for Acoustic Image Amplifiers.  We are always searching out the Best Products, techniques, and materials that uniquely improve tone.  It makes no sense to spend $$$$ on high-end archtop guitars and not complement that investment with the very best amplification  solution available to be able to accurately hear it.   While our reference standard amplifier for electric solid-body guitars is a Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ or Mark V with an ElectroVoice EVM-12L speaker, Archtops and acoustics need something different.
Acoustic Image Amplifier designs make use of “Class D” amplifier design technology.  This allows the amplifier to be smaller and more efficient than traditional linear “Class A or Class A/B” amps.  It weighs less because there are no large heat sinks or cooling fans and has a unique "warm" sound (unlike traditional solid state amps) because its output stage is radically different. The switching power supply eliminates large bulky power transformers with a resulting dramatic decrease in weight. Because of these design features, Acoustic Image Amplifiers have a distinctly transparent sound, unlike that of any other instrument amplifier.
The Clarus 2 Series 4 integrated amplifier uses their 600W power amp and a two channel preamp. The power amp is a high efficiency design that requires no external heat sinks or cooling fans and is capable of driving loads as low as 2 ohms. The rated output is 600W at 4 ohms.  The input channels of the pre-amp incorporates combo jack interfaces that allow either a high impedance instrument input (to optimize the sound of piezo-type pickups) or a mic input with a switchable 10 dB pad, a three-band EQ, an effects loop with return level control, a selectable low cut filter and phase reverse switch for feedback control and reduction of low frequency boominess, a six program effects unit with wet/dry mix control, a direct out capability with ground lift and pre/post EQ switch, a master level control and a mute switch. The two-channel preamp has a switch that allows the second channel to be disconnected from the main amp and connected to a satellite power amp to create a stereo system.

Acoustic Image Amplifiers produce THE sound for Jazz and Acoustic Guitar Amplification…
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