Knaggs Guitars - Patuxent  
Acoustic Cutaway Guitar Medium sized Body -  Serial #2
When Joe says that this is not only one of the best guitars he has ever made, but one of the best he’s ever played, you know it’s special. If you are looking for a Dream hand-made Guitar by a Master builder, look no further.  This Patuxent #2, hand-made personally by Joe Knaggs is a medium-sized body cutaway acoustic.  This guitar is finished in an aged natural medium rubbed finish over choice Adirondack Red Spruce.  The sides and back are very rare and special.  They are a dark and chevron’d Brazilian Rosewood set.  Brazilian Rosewood when matched with an Adirondack Spruce top is THE tonewood combination for acoustics with a nice quick bottom with good harmonic content .  This is our personal favorite of all the acoustic guitars we’ve seen.
Patuxent #2’s body consists of Brazilian Rosewood back and sides, with an Adirondack Red Spruce top.   The Compass style Rosette has Mammoth Ivory, Brown Lip MoP, Purple Oyster, and Gold MoP inlay.  The South American Mahogany neck has a figured rock maple bound ebony fingerboard with a 16” radius.  PearlWorks did Green ripple/black purfling with the very nice Chesapeake Workboat inlays of MoP, Green Snail, and Koa with Paua side dots.  The headstock is Ebony with Black/Green Ripple Abalone purfling with a Compass star, Sea Oats, and a Knaggs Logo of MoP, Mammoth Ivory, Pauau, Koa and Opal.  
The Bridge is Ebony with Compass Stars of MoP, Green Snail, Purple Oyster and Brown Lip MoP.  The engraved Waverly tuning keys and the headstock are truly spectacular.   Pickup-ready with a Fishman end pin jack.
Noted Acoustic Guitar builder and friend James Olson visited the studio and played these guitars.  Jim builds for James Taylor, Sting, Kottke, Keaggy and makes very high-end acoustics.  When asked what is the difference between these and his low-end acoustics he replied “Low-end?  These are as good as my high-end guitars”.  His pricepoints stretch to $50k…
We have the first 5 Acoustics Joe has made.   Joe made 18 Private Stock acoustics for PRS, they all sold within 2 weeks.  Please call for information and pricing on these truly spectacular instruments that are sure to be a prized possession and modern collectable.  Available now only at Artistic Guitars.