Knaggs Guitars - Sheyenne  
Carved Top and Back Semi-Hollowbody - Serial #1
 The Sheyenne is a ES335-style double cutaway carved top and back semi-hollowbody, three on a side, short scale guitar.  Sheyenne S/N 1 has an incredible curly top and back with a Black Gold finish.  The Brazilian Rosewood neck is “black as night” and looks like ebony.  Joe said it’s the darkest piece of BRW he’s ever seen.  The Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard, headstock, and pick-up rings are sure to please and inspire.  Two Fralin Pure PAF Humbuckers and a songle coil mode give it outstanding flexibility for all playing types and needs and killer sound.  Boat inlays from Pearlworks are very nice and the Paua purfling around the fingerboard, headstock and body give an understated elegance that says this is THE 335 to sell that early 60’s one for.  We have low serial numbers of several models including the Sheyenne.