2010 Gibson Les Paul Historic R9
The Heart of Rock & Roll
This 2010 Gibson Les Paul Historic is a sweety.  This classic Brockburst coloring (officially Heritage cherryburst) with the awesome mahogany sides has a nicely flamed top - and is one of the most collectible of the 1959 re-issues (R9).  For these guitars, Gibson used their finish processes reminiscent of the way they were made in the late 50’s.  It all started of course with  a nice maple top, with a very thin coat of clear lacquer mixed with yellow pigment stain.  With the addition of the red aniline die with a little blue added for depth over the yellow top coat, you get the famous ‘59 sunburst shades.  This combination created the beautiful topcoats that faded nicely to the sweet color pallets found on many Pauls.  But not without issues, the red aniline is difficult to control and would frequently bleed into the binding, so Gibson by the late 2000’s had changed back to a “safer” paint formula for the re-issues.  This one also has the Burst bucker 1 and 2’s, CTS Pots and Bumblebee caps for that uncompromised Les Paul sound made historic by Clapton, Page, Allman, Betts, amongst others.