Ribbecke Guitar Corporation
The Artist Halfling - Pre-Production Serial #3 from the Limited Edition Inaugural Series -
These guitars are the first 3 made by the Ribbecke Guitar Corporation.   The Halfling is the 1st new innovation in Acoustical Guitar design in 25 years.  It combines the best attributes of archtop and flattop guitar architecture utilizing a unique and patent pending soundboard design with a built-in adjustable sound port.  Thru advanced Luthier concepts, the flat bass side of a “Steel string”  or “Classical” guitar top is combined with the carved or arched treble side of the sound board. The instrument is capable of large full fundamental bass response with ability to hear and distinguish all the notes of a complex chord when ringing together.  The result is an instrument that offers additional sonic flexibility and versatility for jazz, country and pop styles.  There is a discernable difference in sound compared to other instruments in this price point.  With the Architecture of the Halfling design, and a true carved top instead of pressed tops or laminates, you get a quality of sound unavailable elsewhere.  
The first 3 Pre-Production Artist Series Guitars featured Tom’s choicest woods; fine premium Citka spruce, big leaf maple, and ebony.  In addition they were adorned with an exceptional vine-of-life fingerboard inlay, a Bartolini floating pickup wound to Tom’s private practice specs, and an upgraded Cedar Creek HSC .  Tom carved the tops and backs, and finished these early units to insure that they represent outstanding instruments worthy of his fine name.