Ribbecke Guitar Corporation
The Halfling NAMM 2007 - Serial #1040 from an Early Series Finished by Tom - Rose in Headstock - Brand New
This guitar is Serial #1040, a very early standard model made by the Ribbecke Guitar Corporation.   This standard Halfling has exceptional wood and color.  One of the first 25, it comes with “The Rose” in the headstock.  Using fine quality citka spruce, big leaf maple and ebony woods with construction and voicing based on the time proven methodologies and practices of a Master Guitar Craftsman.   Comes with a Ribbecke (by Kent Armstrong) floating pickup and an excellent HSC.

The sound and playability of these guitars is superb.  Clear and penetrating bass with focused mid-range and treble response.  They are very responsive and resonant.  This guitar was a NAMM 2007 guitar, and was one of the early production standard models, but still personally finished by Tom.  The finish and workmanship from Tom is truly first rate.  Hand-made in Healdsburg, CA.  Serial #1040 has a nice light maple patina colored top and figured back.